It’s Not Luck – I Visualized That Shit!

Perspective is an interesting tool; one so many people seem to underutilize, or unintentionally use for harm instead of good.  Shit happens.  It happens to all of us.  How you elect to handle the shit, is how the shit will impact your life.  So let’s visualize some good shit, shall we?

Last week, my new husband and I spent some quality time poolside.  Not the kind of poolside you’re thinking.  We schlepped away for a couple days to watch my 10-year old niece swim in the Junior Olympic Championship for Southern California.  After dropping time in her first event, we kidnapped her for a quick bite.  In the car, we got to chatting about what she thinks about right before she dives into the pool.  She told us she thinks about what she can do with her body to make it more aerodynamic, what it will feel like when she gets to the other side of the pool, and how great she will feel standing on the podium for the medal ceremony.  This led to an interesting and very robust conversation about visualization for the remainder of the car ride and meal.  Chris and I patted each other on the back post tutorial, and our little fish continued to drop time in her other 5 events over the course of the meet.  Aunt and Uncle duties for this month – check and check!

As I was scrolling FaceBook earlier today, I came across a few posts that made me realize perhaps the conversation we had with my 10 year old niece needed to be shared.  One of my friends posted, “Why does this always happen to me? When will my life get better?”  Another posted, “Well, third time my car has been towed to the shop this month.  Get it together [car manufacturer], I don’t want to be here a fourth time!” Yet another posted, “Who has a miracle flu treatment?  I’ve been sick for six weeks, and will do just about anything to not feel like crap.”  

“You live as though the world is out to get you, but it’s not – you’re constantly out to get yourself.” M.B. Victoria

Now, I’m usually pretty keen on surrounding myself with positive out, positive in, kind of people.  The negativity on my main feed, however, had me thinking it must be a full moon or something wacky.  But when I started to ponder these particular friends, and did a little social stalking into their posts from the last few months, I started to realize that the prior weeks/months for these friends seemed to lay the perfect groundwork for the theme of their present-day posts.  Apparently, my 10 year old niece is not the only one needing some lessons in the impact of visualizing.

Perspective is an interesting tool; one so many people seem to underutilize, or unintentionally use for harm instead of good.  Shit happens.  It happens to all of us.  How you elect to handle the shit, is how the shit will impact your life.  So let’s visualize some good shit, shall we?

A year and a half ago, in an attempt to find myself, I signed up for Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness. Side note: this program is AWESOME, and well worth the money if you’re finding yourself between “I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up,” and “How can I be more awesome.”  But I digress.  One of the exercises in this amazing program is to imagine what your perfect day looks like.  No, not a vacation day.  Just a regular every day week/work day.  What does it look like?  Lay it out, hour by hour.  Write it down.

Having trouble figuring out exactly what it looks like?  Don’t worry.  It took me approximately 8 weeks to figure out what my perfect day looked like to.  Why?  Because I was so unhappy in what I was doing every day, and had been so unhappy working towards unfulfilling small goals that I had lost sight of what really made me happy.  And guess what, the shit that was happening to me felt like it was never ending too: I had mono, twice, in the two months leading up to the school of greatness; I had two flat tires in one week, then got rear ended by some jack ass who took off; I had put on 15 pounds.  I wasn’t feeling happy, so happy was a hard thing to visualize. I was negatively impacting each and every day with how I was electing to perceive my life and what I was working towards.  I finally got some semblance of a perfect day together, and thought, “well, I don’t know how that will ever happen, but it would be awesome if any day looked like that!”

Fast forward to today:  MOST of my days look like my perfect day.  Repeat.  MOST of my days now look like the perfect day I had imagined up.  That didn’t just happen friends.  I dreamt it.  I revised a few times over.  I thought long and hard about it.  I visualized that shit.  And guess what, it happened.

Last year, my husband and I made a BIG financial goal.  A monetary figure we wanted to hit before the end of the year.  Everyday, I make myself a to-do list, and everyday for the ENTIRE year, that dollar figure was the first item on my to-do list.  I literally wrote that number 365 days in 2016, and guess what, by the end of the year, we hit that financial goal.  This year, we made an even bigger financial goal, and after writing it on my to-do list every day so far this year, it looks like we will hit before we even get to the end of the year! Get real with yourselves friends, you can visualize ANYTHING for yourself.  

Imagine what kind of world we would live in if everyone was visualizing all sorts of awesome, and running around being their best selves, doing the things they loved most – that is the kind of world I want to live in!

So start today.  Visualize your perfect day.  Visualize your personal goals.  Visualize your professional goals.  Visualize your financial goals.  Now write them down.  Write them down over and over again.  Cut out magazine clippings.  Make a dream board.  Visualize a deadline.  Start to BELIEVE those goals and dreams are going to happen for you.  

Don’t believe me?  Next time you drive into a crowded parking lot, test yourself.  Visualize a spot opening up for you.  Say out loud to yourself in the car, “A spot is going to open up just for me.”  Don’t fake it, really MEAN it.  BELIEVE it.  See what kind of awesome you can drum up for you and car.  Start changing your vocabulary from “this is happening to me,” to “I am choosing for this to happen.”  And start choosing happiness!  Visualize that happy shit.  🙂

Whitney Dover is a co-founder of BadassLadyBosses.

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