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As a serial goal setter, 2017 commenced with a brand new type of goal: a word to focus on for the year. I had no idea how impactful this word would be, as it turned out to be one of the most profound “goals” I have ever set.

When I picked the word “love,” I had no idea what the year would bring. My (now) husband and I got engaged; my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer; we journeyed through brain surgery, chemo, radiation, and hospice; my mom passed to a much brighter place than here; we sold our house and majority of our belongings in order to travel; we planned a wedding and celebrated our marriage with those nearest and dearest to us; we traveled (stateside, Mexico, Colombia, Iceland, Finland, Czech Republic, Italy, France and Canada); I officially left litigation; I continued to teach spin; I completed my 200 hour hot yoga certification; we started (another) new business.

The year was filled with so much love. We loved each other, we loved (and were grateful) for all the strength and lessons we learned from loss, we loved the freedom we have and made more of it, and we loved our tribe for loving us. Love your people, tell them you love them, and for goodness sake, love yourself.

But alas, new year, new focus, new word…

2017’s “love” will be tough to top, but after much thought, I’ve decided to focus on “adventure” in 2018. Last year taught me so much about letting go of unnecessary baggage and control, being present, and flying by the seat of my pants. The year also taught me I have a LOT more practice to do in these areas. So this year, I am inviting and embracing all of the adventure – in travel, in business, in experiences, and in life!

With that, we are starting this year of adventure off with a month in Mexico City! I am not sure how we got so lucky to work out all this time to travel, but I am incredibly grateful for it.

Tell us what your 2018 word is!

Whitney Dover is a co-founder of BadassLadyBosses.

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