Rethinking Gifts for Girls

Gifts we give girls, and how we can do better! It’s so fun to buy the cutest pink onesies for my friends daughters, but why am I buying those when I buy games, electronics, and books for my nephew?

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It’s Not Luck – I Visualized That Shit!

Perspective is an interesting tool; one so many people seem to underutilize, or unintentionally use for harm instead of good.  Shit happens.  It happens to all of us.  How you elect to handle the shit, is how the shit will impact your life.  So let’s visualize some good shit, shall we?

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3 Tips to Handle ManSplaining Like a BadAssLadyBoss


For the uninitiated, according to wikipedia Mansplaining is “to explain something to someone, characteristically by a man to woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing.”

It’s this kind of infuriating situation that women need a strategy for, so I’ll lay down some ways to handle this that have worked for me.

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Recovering Perfectionist – Notes from the Trenches

Hello.  My name is Whitney, and I am a recovering perfectionist.  I have been a recovering perfectionist for the better part of the last 2 years, with the 30 before that a full blown battle with this insane disease.  Ladies, why are we hard on each other? Because we are so damn hard on ourselves!

I always wore the title of perfectionist as a brand of honor.  A badge that screamed, “I give a shit! I want things to be perfect! Trust me with a job and it will be done better than excellent!” But really, this false sense of honor was long rooted in my internal desire to be accepted.  What a joy kill! Two years ago, after some very deep dark soul searching, I realized that this constant need to please everyone else was totally unnecessary, and well, rarely reciprocated.  So why did I feel the need to continue with it?

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Fake it ’til you make it: Overcoming “Imposter Syndrome”

How do you overcome that feeling that you’re not good enough?

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Mean Girls – Fact or Fiction?

As I have gotten older, I have struggled to understand what is happening between women.  My instinct has always been to surround myself with other badassladybosses.  To support these women.  To learn from these women.

Yet, high school, college, law school, and now the “real world,” have harshly introduced me to the real life “Mean Girls.”

They exist.  They are pervasive.  And sometimes, they suck the will to continue with badassladyboss-ing right out of you!  So how do we cope?  How do we combat?  How do we overcome the Mean Girl epidemic?

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Meditate Daily


Now, I meditate 4-5 times a week and I have to say it’s really changed my life – for the better. I’m more focused, I think before I comment, and I’m more patient. I can really tell if I haven’t meditated in a few days – it’s like I’m on edge. So what changed, and what finally got me into it on a more regular basis?

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To Change or Not To Change?

The once traditional and anticipated name change has sparked quite a debate among my family and friends, some with much stronger opinions than I ever realized were held. So let’s weigh the options.

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7 Lessons learned from 6 months as a solopreneur

Starting my own business this year has felt like jumping off a cliff, in a lot of ways.

I’m so glad I did it – the ups have definitely outweighed the downs – but there are a few things I wish I had known before taking the plunge.

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How’s Your Happy? Overcoming Success Depression

Reaching BIG goals can be the most exciting times, yet, when it was all over, I found myself entering some of the darkest times of my entire life…say what??!!  Y’all heard that right. How was my happy? Nonexistent!  So how do we overcome this Success Depression?

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